Alarm Mask [0] Quest Info ( Item 5086 )
A mask which resembles the face of an Alarm monster. Adds 50% resistance against Blind'
Item Information: Alarm Mask [0]
Quest Type Other Quest
Prerequisite: Mr. Scream


  • Clock Hand x 3000 - Clock (100%)[c_tower2] | Alarm (100%)[c_tower3]

- #5086 [ RMS | eRO CP ]

  • Mr. Scream x 1 - Bloody Murderer (25%)[nif_fild02]

- #2288 [ RMS | eRO CP ]


1.- Warp to Aldebaran (@go 6) and enter the Alchemist Guild at 56, 68.

Alchemist Guild building minimap
Alchemist Guild wideshot

Wideshot of Alchemist Guild Building

2.- Go upstairs and find Muscle Man at 88, 180

Muscle Man-NPCcropped Muscle Man-minimap
Muscle Man-wideshot

Wideshot of Muscle Man

3.- Give him the items.

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