Beanie Quest Info ( Item 5076 )
A knit beanie that protects from the cold. Makes some wearers look cute and gives other wearers street cred. LUK + 1
Item Information: Beanie
Quest Type Upper Headgear Quest
Prerequisite: Cap


  • Cap x 1 - Buy from Headgear NPC in Old Payon | Dragon Tail (1%)[pay_fild11]

- #2226 [ RMS | eRO CP ]

  • Yarn x 500 - Dancing Dragon (100%)[lou_dun03]

- #7038 [ RMS | eRO CP ]


1.- Warp to Lutie (@go 7) and enter the building at 123, 131


Wide Shot of the building.

2.- Find Hat Merchant and give him the items

Hat Merchant-NPCcropped
Hat Merchant-wideshot

Wide Shot of the Hat Merchant

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