Bird Nest Quest Info ( Item 5129 )
A bird nest that makes you feels like you are going to fly away. Somehow it has right shape to be worn on top of the head and feels closer to nature. AGI + 2 Reduce damage from Brute monster by 10%.
Item Information: Bird Nest
Quest Type Upper Headgear Quest
Prerequisite: Sombrero


- #5067 [ RMS | eRO CP ]

  • Feather of Birds x 920 - Wood Goblins (100%)[mosk_dun01] | Raggler (100%)[ve_fild07]

- #916 [ RMS | eRO CP ]

  • Bill of Birds x 310 - Peco Peco (100%)[moc_fild02]

- #925 [ RMS | eRO CP ]


1.- Warp to Gonryun (@go 11) and find Yakma at 184, 138

Yakma-NPCcropped Yakma-minimap

Wide Shot of the npc.

2.- Give her the items.

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