This quest can only be completed by a male character only. It also requires that you stay log in from the time you talk to Little Noor at night until Day Risen. Use @time to know what mode the server is in.

Note: This quest will work if you talk to him minutes before the server ends Night Fallen mode and turns into Day Risen mode. Be sure to have the correct items in your inventory before talking to him.

Blue Pajamas Hat Quest Info ( Item 5506 )
Increases damage by 5%. MATK + 5%.
Item Information: Blue Pajamas Hat
Quest Type Upper Headgear Quest
Prerequisite: Ear Muffs


- #978 [ RMS | eRO CP ]

  • Sea otter Fur x 50 - Sea Otter (100%)[cmd_fild04]

- #7065 [ RMS | eRO CP ]

  • Soft silk x 70 - Evil Nymph (100%)[gon_dun03]

- #7166 [ RMS | eRO CP ]

  • Yarn x 1 - Dancing Dragon (100%)[lou_dun03]

- #7038 [ RMS | eRO CP ]


1.- When the server is in Night Fallen mode. Warp to Rachel (@go 23) and enter the building at 108,197.


Wideshot of Pajamas building

2.- Go in and find Little Noor at 200,91.


Wideshot of Little Noor

3.- Talk to Little Noor. He will give you a list of items needed and tell you to come back tomorrow morning.

4.-Stay logged in until the server is in Day Risen mode. If you log out after talking to him, you will have to start the quest over.

5.- Once the server is in Day Risen mode. The correct items need to be in your inventory. Talk to Little Noor again and you will receive your hat.

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