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20012 Red colored butterfly wings. Increases Critical damage by 15% and Critical rate by 10.

  • 300 Red Thorn Fruit

587 (Seeker 100% Hodremlin 100%)

  • 10 Forbidden Red Candle

660 (Injustice 1%)

  • 2 Will of Red Darknes

7566 (Gloom Under Night 100%)

  • 300 Soft Silk

7166 (Evil Nymph 100%)

  • 30 3carat Diamonds

732 (Centipede larva 25% Isis 10%)

  • 2 Shining Spear Blades

7109 (Lord of the Dead 10%)

  • 300 Dark Crystal Fragments

7315 (Obsidian 100%)

  • 30 Blades of Darkness

7023 (Abysmal Knight 7.5% Gloom 100% Dark Lord 100% Kiel 50%)

  • 2 Loki's Whispers

7019 (Zmey Gorinich 15% Mysteltainn 2.5% Loli Ruri 0.50% Whispering 0.50%)

1 Go to moscovia (@go mosc) and get out of the city top left. then go around the ledge on the left , down, until u get to a hut with a warp at 203, 96



Wide Shot of the building.

2 when you go in, find Vasillissa and look interested in your answers :D



Wide Shot of Vasillissa

3 Go back to the city and top right from center. Down the stairs. And step on the double eagles in the center of the stage. A ghost will talk to you :D

Double eagles -NPCcropped Double eagles -minimap

Double eagles -wideshot

Wide Shot of double eagles

4 Come back to the stage with the 300 Red Thorn Fruit

5 now go to mosk_dun02 to find the White Rider

White Rider-NPCcropped White Rider-minimap

White Rider-wideshot

Wide Shot of White Rider

6 Find white rider at 211, 193. You will not see the rider until you get near it, very near. (Note the white rider can only be spoken to during "daytime")

7 Give him 300 Soft Silk, 30 3carat Diamonds, and 2 Shining Spear Blades.

8 Find the Black Rider at 36, 176.You will not see the rider until u get near it, very near. (Note the Black rider can only be spoken to during "nightime")

Black Rider-NPCcropped Black Rider-minimap

Black Rider-wideshot

Wide Shot of Black Rider

9 Give him 300 Dark Crystal Fragments, 30 Blades of Darkness, and 2 Loki's Whispers.

10 Now go at mosk_dun03 and find Baba Yaga at 219,230

Baba Yaga-NPCcropped Baba Yaga-minimap

Baba Yaga-wideshot

Wide Shot of Baba Yaga

11 Baba Yaga should give you the wings now.

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