Red Dragon Wings Quest Info ( Item 20022 )
+20 Perfect Hit, +10 ATK, 1% chance to auto-cast Dragon Fear on the enemy. DEF+1
Item Information: Red Dragon Wings
Quest Type Lower Headgear Quest


== * finished Bone Head [1] quest



1. Find Dragon Cultist at Abyss Lake Dungeon 2 (206,37), at the lowest right appendix of the map. He'll ask you for:

  * Battlefield Textbook.
Dragon-cultist wideshot

Wide Shot of Dragon Cultist

2. Give him the book, and he asks for followed:

  * 50 Dragon Scale
  * 50 Dragon Canine
  * 50 Dragon Horn
  * 1 Dragon skull

3. Give him items, after that he wants for his ritual

  * 125 Wing Of Red Bat
  * 275 Bloody Rune
  * 100 Crystal of Darkness
  * 2 Fire Dragon Scale
  * 3 Three-Headed dragon's head
  * 5 Treasure Box

4. Give him all the items above... but this odd guy wants after all...

  * Dragon Slayer

5. Give him the sword, he'll enchant it. After that go to Abyss Lake Cave 3 (abyss_03) and touch the top of gold mountain at 97,106 (it's center of the map).

6. Wear your wings!

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