This is a traditional costumes for female Muslims. When using magic, Reduce Casting Time by 5%, +2 Def. Female Only

  • 500 Bread (Baba Yaga 100% mosk_dun03 / Culinary Institute in Old Payon)
  • 1 Wormtail card (Wormtal 0.5% pay_fild06)
  • 1 Sea-Otter Card (Sea Otter 0.5% cmd_fild04)
  • 1 Carat Card (Carat 0.5% gl_Cas01)
  • 50 Bag of Grain (Culinary Institute in Old Payon)

To make this quest you need to use a female account, if you are using a male account you'll make Songkok. The quests starts in Rachel (83, 35).


Go inside the building, and enter into the warp of the right. Talk to Kahlil NPC. She'll ask you to give her father 500 Bread. You can buy them in the Culinary Institue in Old Payon (130, 81).



Wide Shot of Kahlil.

Go back to the building and you'll see Kahlil's Father.


Wide Shot of Kahlil's Father.

Give him the Breads and talk again with Kahlil. She'll ask you to talk with Noor. In the same building, go to the warps in the left until you find him.


Wide Shot of Noor.

This time he'll ask you to give his father 1 Wormtail card, 1 Sea-Otter card and a card of some clown (which is a Carat card).


Wide Shot of Noor's Father.

You'll find Noor's father in the same building, at the entrance of Noor's room. Give him the cards, go to talk with Noor again and he'll tell you to talk with Kahlil.

Now she'll ask you to find a Healthy camel in some rachel field and give him some Bags of Grain. Buy 50 bags of grain in the Culinary Institute in Old Payon and go to ra_fild12 (160. 284) where you'll find the camel.

Camel-NPCcropped Camel-minimap

Wide Shot of the Camel.

Give him the bags of grain and go back with Kahlil. Talk to his father, and then go back to her. Then go to talk with Noor and his father.

To finish the quest, go to talk with Kahlil again and she'll give you a ring. Give him to Noor, and he'll give you the Selandang as reward for your help.