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Type : MVP

Level : Maxed

Alliance :

Guild Story


The Resistance

  • Tired of being told what to do in your real, personal, pathetic life?
  • Want to get back at those guilds who Pk'd you and your entire party when Fighting Baphomet?
  • Wanna flirt with female sprites who are really 30 year old men living in their father's basement?
  • Are you forced to follow the law? Give in to Temptations? Fight with your own mind? Scream and Roar Cause You Can't Take it anymore?

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We're a guild who has Merged with other smaller guilds thus creating a full guild who has members on at different times. Everyone is active and friendly, and if their not, they're pretty much a candidate for the expulsion history.

Where Can You Find Us We used to Chill in Kiel, but since a bunch of people started coming in, it becomes harder to manage the guild. So now, We have a player town, Owned by My Alt-Keypo, in where you will see your average DBs, vendors, smiths and strippers, no biggie.

What Kind of Guild Are We Its simple, we MvP. MVP and WOE are similar to the Heavy Weight, and WWE titles in WWE. We're Heavy Weights preparing ourselves for that WWE gold baby. Even skinny dudes are heavy weight. No, your not Heavy Weight when you have enough items to go over 90%, so dont give me that!

Who are we recruiting You, yea you. We want you. Give me your ACTIVE Creators, Paladins, Dancers/Bards, Soul Linkers, Priest <3, Wizzies, Sages, and Smiths. We accept SG's too, but if its not good, don't bother. When I say good, I mean, if you don't know how to get miracle, again don't bother. If your SG takes to long, I get reallllllllllly bored, So I might idk, PM one of our antagonist, and tell them lets fight for this MvP. No age requirement Level Requirement: 140 Goes up weekly,

Purely MvP? No; We host events within the guild to keep you guys awake. We also fuck around doing activities like Poring Ball, Domination Event, Harass our Antagonist, and much much more.

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Known Leaders

  • Saint Massacre
  • Eun Jung
  • Begin To Hope
  • MrHeal (current)

Known Members

  • Fantisimo
  • Astro Girl