SummerHat5287 A hat recommended to use for vacations. It helps to protect your face from strong sunshine. Vit +1. Impossible to refine this item.

  • Straw Basket 300
  • Ribbon 5
  • Sunflower [1] 3
  • Sunglasses
  1. Go to Amatsu: Summer NPC (40, 142)

Note: You must wear a Sunglasses for you to be able to talk to her. (Sunglasses can be bought at armor dealer in alberta and tool dealer in hugel)

  • Straw Basket is dropped by Kraben at ayo_dun02
  • You can buy ribbon at armor dealer, in new payon
  • To acquire Sunflower[1] you can slot it at Slot NPC. Each will need 3 steel and 100k zenny and Sunflower.

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